Oh Crap, We're Popular!

Longhorn PHP 2023 | Austin, TX | 11/03/2023

A tale of scaling a production application rapidly to meet the needs of a major new customer. Learn practical strategies of how, and when to scale up, and when maybe some conversations could save you extra work and pain!

Topics Covered

Scaling, High-availability, DevOps, Ops, Leadership

Static in the Front, Dynamic in the Back

Lone Star PHP 2017 | Dallas, TX | 04/17/2017

An exploration of the benefits of the Elm language, how development style changes when using it, and what learnings you can bring back with you to JavaScript, React, or other libraries.

Topics Covered

Elm, React, JavaScript, Functional Programming, Frontend

Maybes and Functors

Laracon US | New York City, NY | 07/26/2017

A brief introductions to functors and the Maybe type, briefly touching on a tiny bit of Monadic properties

Topics Covered

Functors, Maybes, Monads, Functional Programming

Tests Should Tell a Story

Laracon US | Louisville, KY | 07/28/2016

Through an analogy of storytelling, this talk aims to help you be the hero of your testing story by giving new context and perspective to the way a test suite should read to both your colleagues and your future self. We'll demonstrate how proper naming and assertions can lead to simpler, faster debugging. We'll also see how an end-to-end test has a far more compelling story when you focus on describing the feature and business goals over describing a specific UI workflow in painful detail.

Topics Covered

Testing, BDD, Proper Naming

Objects, Testing and Responsibility

Laracon EU | Amsterdam, NL | 08/31/2013

Object Oriented Design can add a lot to a project with just a little effort. With a bit of OOD code flows more naturally, can be refactored easier and tests become simpler to write. We will discuss these ideas as well as compare and contrast various design techniques.

Topics Covered

Laravel, Object-Oriented Design, Testing, Responsibility, PHP History, Polymorphism, Duck Typing, Type Hinting