August 22, 2014

Editor Survey Discontinued

As you may have noticed, I have discontinued my editor survey series. It was consuming a lot of time and I had taken on a new screencast series so it just wasn’t a good fit. If visitor interest had been higher I may have continued working on it, but at the moment it’s just not a priority. I did successfully try out all of my intended editors for my own personal benefit though, so I still got some gain.

Authority is Changing Owners

With the Authority 3.0 rewrite mostly done, I’ve decided that my lack of involvement in PHP these days was no longer a good fit for the project. Since many people depend on Authority for their real world projects, I want someone who uses it in the real world to be in charge of maintaining it. As such, Authority will now be fully in the charge of Jesse O'Brien, along with the help of some others. It will also become part of the PHP League packages. I will still give some friendly feedback and suggestions, but I’ll be largely hands-off for the foreseeable future of the project. It’s been a fun package to work on, but it deserves better attention than I can give. I’ll provide a link when the package has been launched in its new home.